Operating A Chainsaw Safely

Operating A Chainsaw Safely

Operating a chainsaw is a good way to make the job you’re doing go more efficiently. However, like other machines, the chainsaw can be a dangerous piece of equipment. In case you own or plan to rent a chainsaw, here are some tips on operating one safely from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Wear the right equipment
OSHA recommends protecting pretty much everything when you use a chainsaw. This includes a hard hat, eye and ear protection, long sleeve shirt and pants, work gloves and steel-toed boots.

Before starting the saw
Be sure to check that the controls, chain tension and bolts holding the handles are in proper working order.

Running the saw
Four quick tips for when the chainsaw is running:
- Plan your retreat path if you’re cutting down a tree. Also make sure that it’s clear of anything that might be in your way
- Never cut anything that’s above your head
- When you’re cutting, make sure your feet are always secure and keep both hands on the handle
- Be prepared for the blade to kickback at you. You never know when you might hit a knot

For the rest of the safety tips, check out the OSHA website.