The Importance of a Small Engine Tune-Up

The Importance of a Small Engine Tune-Up

When it comes to small engine power equipment, routine maintenance is a main component of long-term, worry free performance. Sometimes however, a little more is needed. A tune
-up can restore your equipment back to peak performance, making it run more efficiently. In addition, your equipment should produce fewer emissions. The fact that a tune-up can save money in costly repairs down the road can make it even more compelling.

Maintenance involves all of the things necessary to keep your equipment in good working order. This usually includes washing the machine, changing the oil, sharpening blades when applicable, inspecting, tightening and/or lubricating moving parts.

If your engine begins to fall below what you consider good working order, a tune-up can help. This could involve all of the above mentioned procedures for maintenance, as well as changing the air filter, spark plug, fuel filter (if applicable), belts and adjusting the carburetor. This should normally be all that is needed to take care of most minor issues, and will aid in increasing performance.

Sometimes a more in-depth tune-up is needed that may involve rebuilding the carburetor.

As long as your equipment is maintained regularly and tuned up as needed, it will serve you well for years to come. The money spent on keeping your equipment in tip top shape is small, compared to the cost of replacing it altogether.